Budwiser beer rebrand


Branding Project

The Budwiser Budvar beer rebrand project was focused on modernizing and refreshing the iconic beer brand. The goal was to give the brand a more contemporary look and feel, while still maintaining its traditional heritage.

The first step of the project was to conduct thorough research on the history and heritage of the Budwiser Budvar beer brand. This research helped me to understand the brand's values and what it represents, which was crucial in developing a new visual identity.
The next step was to redesign the logo, seal and label. I began by simplifying the existing logo, creating a more modern and minimalistic design that would be easy to recognize and remember. I used high-quality photographs of the brewery and brewery tools, and combined them with a clean and elegant typography.
For the seal and label, I wanted to maintain a sense of tradition and craftsmanship, while also giving them a more modern and sophisticated look.

The final result was a refreshed and modernized visual identity for the Budwiser Budvar beer brand. The new logo, seal and label were clean, elegant and conveyed a sense of tradition and craftsmanship. The rebrand helped the brand to appeal to a wider audience, while still maintaining its traditional heritage.

The project demonstrated my ability to understand a brand's heritage and values, to create a visual identity that is both modern and timeless, and my skills in branding, typography and packaging design.

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