by Teodor Moisescu

    This collection is all about the study of movement and the human body. With Humanovative, I wanted to go back to the form, to the basics, and to creation. I've used dots to achieve this, creating minimalistic and dynamic works of art that capture the essence of human movement.

    Each of these NFTs is a study of movement, an exploration of the human form, and a celebration of our bodies' capabilities. Although the artworks are simplistic, they convey a powerful message, showing the beauty and complexity of human movement.

    Using dots, I've created a unique visual language that captures the essence of motion and the energy of human beings. These NFTs are a testament to the power of simplicity, showcasing how even the most basic of forms can communicate complex ideas and emotions.

    I hope to inspire others to appreciate the beauty and complexity of human movement. Whether you are an art lover or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the human form, I invite you to explore this collection and discover the limitless possibilities of minimalistic and dynamic art. Let's immerse in the world of gorgeous design.

Chop (#001)

Unique  ─  Available

Fetch (#002)

Unique  ─  Available

Capture (#003)

Unique  ─  Available

The New King (#004)

Unique  ─  Available

Pharaoh (#005)

Unique  ─  Available

The Elephant (#006)

Unique  ─  Available

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